Nigeria Reggae Festival

Order of events.

30 November 2017

Media Launch

KOFI LOUNGE, Abakaliki Street Awka, Time 10am prompt


1 October 2018

Nigeria reggae Festival begins in earnest with talk shows and seminars to educate the populace of societal ills.


2 October 2018

Day 2 of festival

Expose on african culture and its relevance in world economy


3 October 2018

A super concert with reggae supper stars from around Africa to marianate the crowd with reggae music.

A day to remember always for reggae


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Nigeria Reggae Festival events

Quality reggae Festival.

Educating the masses

We hope to educate the masses on the social ills that has plagued africa like substance abuse, xenophobic attacks and rape amongst many others.

Understanding Reggae

Reggae would be the vehicle we use to drag this monumental task and the onus is on us to ensure that the masses understand what reggae represent.

Best Reggae Concert

Nothing is left to chance as we prepare for a concert that would wow and leave people speacless because of the high quality and standard we applied.

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