Omar Wilburn or Brilli as he is known in the music industry developed his interest in music from a very young age. The spotlight was first shone on this talented artiste at the tender age of five when he was asked to perform at a church gospel concert. The performance that was meant to be a duet with his sister saw the skinny unassuming five-year-old thrilling the crowd all by himself. The spark had been made and a star shone brightly that day.

Growing up as a youth in Hayes, Clarendon, Brilli had big dreams and a deep love for singing. He attended the prestigious Kemps Hill High in Clarendon and by this time was known as Singing Brilliant. He took this passion for music and singing to school and could always be found singing in small groups and entertaining his classmates. This love for music also spilled over into his community where he was often called upon to serenade young ladies at different beauty pageants. In no time, these casual performances gained Singing Brilliant respect and no school, church, community concerts or other functions were complete without an appearance from the budding “singjay”.
Despite his gaining a reputation as a talented singer; Brilliant still wanted to focus on his academic success first with the knowledge that a return to performing professionally was never out of the picture. There was however no denying his God-given gift as he could not seem to escape the call of the music. After completing high school, Omar Wilburn had adjusted his moniker and was now more popularly known as Brilli.
In 1998, the now seventeen years old Brilliant decided to seriously pursue a professional career in music. He found that there were many challenges in the industry but this did not deter him because of his love of music. Working with established artists such as Cocoa Tea and Everton Blender; who hail from the same community, Brilli began to realize his full potential and the music world began to embrace him. An association with these industry giants, allowed Brilli to appear on shows all over Jamaica.
In the late 1990s, Brilli migrated to the Bahamas where continued to pursue his music career while performing at stage shows and concerts and was always in the studios writing and recording.

Music had followed Brilliant to the Bahamas but it was Brilli who inevitably followed music back to the home of dancehall and reggae music, his country of birth Jamaica, in 2013. Since returning home to continue developing his music career, he has been working out of Tremor Maddanize Music Production and Recording Studio in Kingston Jamaica.

His repertoire of songs has broadened as Brilli has matured both as an artist and individual. Some of his new catalog of songs include Live My Life, and the hit single I’ll Be There, for which he has just completed a music video for, I’ll Be There, speaks of Brilli’s journey and longstanding relationship with music. Brilli has also collaborated with LawGiver on the song “Higher We Rise”, which speaks on the struggles faced by everyday people, but the will to survive far outweigh the struggles. Brilli credits a wealth of artists for influencing his love of music, ranging from Bob Marley to Dennis Brown.
Brilli also was known as Omar Andrew Wilburn intends to make his mark on the music industry by singing songs which raises consciousness, promotes love, harmony, and community and as his new single states, he will be there being simply Brilli.

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