LIONESS FONTS was born on the island of Dominica to Dominican parents, James and Vivienne Fontaine. From seven siblings she is the sixth in line. Her singing career started early in the Caribbean at the tender age of four where she would sing songs at her Sunday school classes, even then she was recognised taking lead with her voice naturally raised amongst others. Lioness Fonts embraced the carnivals which came round yearly taking part in dancing through the streets under the watchful eye of her family. The young lioness has been known to stray away through excitement which has created manhunts in search for her, so for safety, she was only allowed on trucks owned by her father or friends.


Lioness Fonts came to England at the age of six with her younger brother to meet the rest of her brothers and sisters who were all born in England.

Lioness was taken to the family home then, in Luton to re-unite with her family after years apart, it was exciting and emotional as she remembers.

In Luton she went to infant and junior school meeting other children who shared the same passion for singing and dancing with her. They would make up dance routeings in the playground setting up shows for the lunchtime and break periods. Through her junior to senior school stage, being sixth in line with elders above her, at home the young Lioness rarely had her chance to play the stereo and when she did get her chance it was her Michael Jackson albums, studying his songwriting and arrangements in the inlay and also studying his vocal techniques. So in the background were many different types of music from all family members. Her mother would play Calypso, her father played Charlie Pride and Jim Reeves (anything country and western) sisters would play Lovers Rock and MowTown, one brother played a lot of Soul R&B and Funk, her younger brother was a Musical Youth fan (Pass de dutchie), but her greatest influence came from her big brother Samson who played a lot of Geensleeves, Fashion, Trojan and all de big groundation labels. At night she would listen, a passageway and two doors away from her brother’s room were the upful noise of the sound tapes, from BlackCat, Jaro, Stonelove, Saxon, Coxsone, the list goes on. Loving and gravitating towards the vibration, one particular record held the lioness captive to the dancehall scene and it was ‘Aces International’.  Lioness tuned into the likes of Yellowman, Toyan, Fathead, Charlie Chaplin, Eeka-mouse, little John and Billy Boyo jus to mention a few. Listening to the record day-to-day, the young Lioness was learning and mimicking the chants of these dancehall masters until she noticed one thing, there were no females on the fyah-mic. Determined to find a sister who represented the dance she filed through her brother’s tapes until she heard a voice singing ‘feel like jumping, ooh ooh, feel like shouting out’, the queen Marcia Griffiths opened up the doorway for the now Roaring Lioness. Songwriting was started from that point. The Roaring Lioness is also highly influenced today by the sounds of the mighty late great ‘Burning Spear, Culture, Garnet Silk and from the unmistakable fyah artists such as ‘Sizzla Kalonji and Buju Banton’.


Hailing from London, from the Jah Youth Roots Ambassador camp, Lioness Fonts is blazing the fyah higher and higher representing the Roots Ambassador in England. she also travels with Jah Youth on international worldwide sessions chanting and singing representing with word sound and power for Rastafari, the Roaring Lion of Judah with no apology. Lioness Fonts, the Fyah Artist has represented herself inland and international having just finished a European tour in places such as France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Norway and Serbia taking part in festivals and one-a-way shows being called exclusively by promoters. Lioness has been to Ghana and was given her own slot on Ghanaian TV to showcase her music, after performing for an hour, the crowd was pleased with her powerful message from the Creator and also hailing Mamma Zion, calling for her brothers and sisters to repatriate. The next day Lioness was instantly recognised on the streets of Accra having been viewed live the night before. At this present time, Lioness is breaking into the American, Canadian and Asian markets. Having carefully planned her movements, the Roaring Lioness is known worldwide for her spiritual fyah.

Lioness Fonts has worked closely with Roots Hitek on the Roots Hitek label finishing her debut album entitled ‘Calling Mi Home’ which was available early 2013, the single ‘Calling Mi Home’ is available in all good record shops and downloading sites.

Lioness has worked with many producers and production teams. She has worked with ‘ Reality Shock’ releasing ‘Most Highs Love’ her first single. In Germany ‘Jahsouljah records’ releasing ‘Judah Lion’, ‘Freeking Sounds label’ from Norwich releasing ‘Love No Deya’. She is currently working on album materials with Jah Youth de Roots Ambassador. She has worked at Bill Cambell and Stingray studios recording an album with Duke and Chris Peckings on the Peckings label, soon to forward with sounds graced by the great Dean Frazier. Works is strong and also growing abroad in Jamaica working closely with Rory Stonelove on the Rory label with tracks like ‘Natural Disaster’, Ites Gold and Green’ and Jah Prepare I Table’ which was graced by the harmonic sounds of Addis, the son of the late great Agustus Pablo. Rory is promoting the Lioness keeping the fyah burning on his missions between J.A and the U.S.A.

The follow-up album is already written which will be produced by the Lioness herself working closely with top musicians like Jerry Lyons and Rim Bim, engineers, and vocal producer Charles Temenu who has worked very closely with the Lioness for years, on some of her tracks you will hear his silky harmonic arrangements enhancing the prolific writing of the Lioness.

Lioness has been in the company of royalty such as Abyssinians which she open up for in 2010 at Hootenanny Brixton, she blazed the fyah word sounds which got her an outstanding response from the crowd, she was told by the promoter, Cecil Reuben ‘this is the best opening act I’ve seen yet at the venue’, from that response the Lioness being grounded gave all the glory to the Almighty who she’s a servant of.

She has also been in the mighty presence of grandfathers of reggae music such as The Congos, Prince Alla and witnessing the unmistakable voice of Daweh Congo.

In 2012 Lioness opened up for Queen Ifrica, Etana and Tony Rebel in Luton where she raised the fyah with singing and chanting with her One Roar drummers. Also, Being on the line up to open for ‘The Wailing Souls; and ‘Little Roy’.

Lioness has been in a demand by radio presenters of conscious music for interviews, so, she has been working on a tight schedule to make sure all stations are covered, from London working her way up north and across the waters on live phone links.

From strength to strength there is no stopping this artist on a mission, the fyah is higher, lyrics are stronger and love for the Almighty is purer. Lioness Fonts Waves de Rasta banner hailing the Seven magnificent angels of H.I.M along with the agreeable ancestors, Blessed Commandments command. The Lioness I-tection a guidance is surely at the highest.


…as Jah was in the beginning…so shall it be Jahs world without end…

 Lioness Fonts.