Prince Emeka Ojukwu is the founder of Music Africa Awake worldwide (MUAFA), an organization that is ready to take Africa music to another level through cultural exchange, interaction, concerts and music promotion all over Africa and the world at large, is a citizen of Nigeria but based in South Africa. He is also a product of Mass communication, music Producer, promoter and marketer.

He recently revealed to press in Friday Treat that part of the objectives of Music Africa Awake (MUAFA) is to preserve and promote the dignity and values of African cultural heritage. “he said We are really doing our best in this regard as most of the things currently going on in Southern Africa music in relation to Nigerian music is our brainchild”

Again, he continued, “We promote African musical shows and entertainment through the continent and this is also yielding positive results”

As the current chairman of Performing Musicians Employers Association of Nigeria (PMAN) in, South Africa region, he hopes that more still need to be done to foster a good relationship in the music industry through collaboration, partnership and bringing African music organizations together to discuss about the way forward about African music on how to use music to improve our economy

On why setting up an office for Music Africa Awake (MUAFA) in Nigeria now, he said, “It is better to be late than never. This is my country and I think we also need to benefit from the revolution going on in music all over Africa, this prompts our coming to the country”

It will interest you to know that Prince Emeka Ojukwu is the promoter of African Culture and heritage Globally, his thought is on how to bring Africa back to Africa as such will think on how to build Africa back by Africans. He further says “we are the only one that can build Africa to its original stature before the coming of the Europeans to Africa“.

He believes that when Africans is united and speak with one voice all taking from Africa will be recovered by Africans. It will interest you to know that Prince Emeka Ojukwu the founder of Music Africa Awake worldwide (MUAFA) is also the organizer of the Nigeria Reggae Festival (NIREF) tagged #PeaceConcert that is Fashion to bring all Africans to Nigeria to discuss about peace and unity through Reggae music, because reggae music has caved is way as a tool to preach peace and unity.

We are calling all Africans to meet in Awka Anambra State of Nigeria come 29th September to 1st of October 2018 to welcome the world no matter the colour, creed or root.

What Prince Emeka Ojukwu intend to achieve with the Nigeria Reggae Festival (NIREF), is to develop the festival as a platform for the creation of funding to promote upcoming artists, build schools, Housing and Hospital in host state and provide inspiration, for all those attending, from the foreign reggae artists who will be attending our event. In this way we will show how people from all walks of life can collaborate and work together.

Prince Emeka Ojukwu want the world to know that Nigeria is “open for business” and especially so for tourism, because tourism brings income to all; it is not just a mechanism for creating income for big business. We see the promotion of the festival as one of the cultural steps towards Nigeria being recognized as the “goto” place for global tourists and the global tourism industry as a whole. Like what His Excellency, Chief Dr. Willie Obiano (Akpokue Dike ndi Igbo always say Nke ayi bu nke ayi) his doing in Anambra state, we’ll use the opportunity to direct traffic of tourism in Anambra State and Nigeria at Large.

Prince Emeka Ojukwu maintain that what this festival wants to achieve is to restore the dignity and value of African Music and culture, and contribute in all spheres of meaningful developments, by promoting African Art and Culture, which is regarded as a platform to achieve international recognition.