The Nigeria Reggae Festival is an annual event that will start from 29th of September in Anambra State to 1st of October 2018, this project will round up 1st of October 2021. This is a three years project. in Awka where we’ll leave Anambra State with Anambra Reggae Festival and the governor will commission Housing, Schools, Hospital, boreholes and telecommunication project in Anambra state and we’ll move to the next state in the federation and do the same. We’ve partnered with MKP South Africa in building infrastructures.

To raise funds to build, schools, hospital, borehole, house and telecommunication

Tour package Annually.

Getting Vendors to Partner with NRF (Nigeria Reggae Festival) to showcase there products for the festival.

Partnering with Music Africa Awake Foundation, Reggae Musicians to feed Africa school children.

To raise funds for upcoming Reggae Musicians.

To organize seminars and workshop for upcoming Reggae Musician.