Ben Priest

Ben Osa Bush, a.k.a Ben Priest originally hails from Boki of Cross River State in Southern Nigeria. And Priest is also called by most of his fans as he is being regarded as a potential priest due to the fact that his father is a pastor. This also reflects in his songs.
Coming from a strict disciplined home, Ben Priest is well grounded with a vast knowledge of the Bible and spirituality.
Ben’s passion for Reggae started way back in the days of his youth as a chorister in church. There he came to the realization of the fact that he there was something different and unique in his voice, as other choristers preferred him to take the lead singing.
He looks up to the likes of Lucky Dube, Luciano, Majek Fashek as his key mentors.
Ben Priest started doing professional performances when he began running in-house bands at reputable hotels in Abuja Nigeria. Few of these were Transcorp Hilton, Chelsea Hotels and Valencia Hotels. This was about in the year 2004-2008.
Ben got more recognition with time that the Lucky Dube Band contacted him to work with them as their lead singer. He signed and album contract got an album contract with them in 2013 The band shortly recorded its tribute album with Ben after the passing on of Lucky Dube. The album was titled, “Celebrate His Life”
Ben as a song writer and composer, gets his inspiration from the day-to-day experiences and happenings around him. He has recorded 3 albums as a solo artiste. Namely, “Freeman” 2005, “I Got A Roof” 2016, and the “Jah Live” 2017.
Ben chose reggae basically as his style of music because he sees that reggae is his best vehicle to enable him convey his deep messages of truth, peace, unity, real situations and judgment.
For bookings,  contact:
WHATSAPP :+27724055066
RELIGION : Love & Compassion
LABEL: Rudebwoy Entertainment
HOBBIES : Meditation, driving and playing instruments